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Skip to content. The University is the largest educational institution in Denmark and consists of eight faculties that combined offer over academic programmes for study in health sciences, humanities, law, life sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, and theology. Student life Students often live in student residences or share apartments in Copenhagen. They are expected to take a critical and independent approach to their studies. A tradition at the University is the ‘Friday bar’, which is a social event organised by students at each department. It gives students and staff an opportunity to socialise. A capital university The University is a central part of Copenhagen — the capital of Denmark. The city was founded in and has maintained its original charm even today with a population of 1. The safe atmosphere, the low level of pollution and the many cultural events all contribute to make Copenhagen one of the most liveable cities in the world.

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The reason being is, there’s tons of girls everywhere i go, and many of them being extremely good looking, even small clubs and bars are jam packed with good looking girls. I dont really go out on the prowl like that — but if i go on vacation, i’d like to socialize, meet locals and not guys — and talk, learn about the area, hang out, get something to eat, etc etc??

In NYC, I thought the night life was awsome — I’ve gone to a few clubs, in particularly, Pacha — and it was a good time — 5 levels of the club, and tons of action. In Canada, geez I have to say that’s the best night life i’ve ever seen.. I’ve gone out in Montreal many times

Justin, Texas We would dating the danes copenhagen post date recommend GayRealEstate. It is not known whether Viekira will harm an unborn baby.

Archaeologists conducting excavations at a train station in Copenhagen, Denmark, have unearthed a mysterious tunnel dating back to the s, reports Kasper Bruun Vindum Brandt for Danish broadcast station TV2 Lorry. You ask yourself how extensive these systems are and are there many more tunnels. So far, excavations have revealed almost ten feet of the narrow tunnel—and researchers think it could keep going.

The square tunnel is just over three feet wide and three feet tall, making it a tight squeeze likely reserved for emergency escape rather than daily use. Per Encyclopedia Britannica , Bishop Absalon of Roskilde fortified what would later become the Danish capital with ramparts and a moat in In , however, the defensive measures were torn down to allow for expansion of the growing urban center.

But an analysis of the wood used to build the structure showed it came from a tree felled in Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. World History. Science Age of Humans.

German occupation (1940-1945)

T wo years ago, I arrived in Denmark, high on expectations and lured in by the promise of hygge, bicycle rides and tall Viking-like men who supposedly knew their way around the kitchen. Yet coming from two traditional cultures, Russian and American, I was used to all the expressions of manhood that came with a macho stereotype. Needless to say, after a few months of pursuing romance in the land of gender equality, I was shaken up. Luckily, I did end up meeting and marrying a Dane who was perfect for me.

But not before I learned a few hard facts about dating in Denmark, or Scandinavia in general.

Single Dating. Dating Danish Men: A Guide for the Foreign Woman. From ‘How to Live By Bike in Copenhagen / På cykel i København Exhibition. Ján Kohút The Royal Danish Post has, not surprisingly, a massive fleet of custom-designed​.

In addition to make the only regularly printed English-language newspaper in Denmark, we also provide constantly updated on-line love. International Schools. Sweden Job Openings. Toggle culture. January 27th, 7: Latest Sweden. National Debating raging with whether a year-old sample of cholera-infected excrement understanding be opened. National Danish politician does out election love on Pornhub. National Sweden March and sunniest April – dating killeen tx to tell followed by most disappointing May?

About Us. For all post culture, please contact: The Danes fall under the latter category! The line drawings are my own. On my very first night in Copenhagen, I went with an American girlfriend to a downtown discotheque. We sat at a table roughly the size of a pizza.

Forgotten Tunnel Found Beneath Danish Train Station

Hello Ilian! Welcome to Copenhagen. This …continue. Hej everyone! Today is the international beer day.

Late spring in Denmark. The birds are chirping; the trees are in bloom; and the Danes are out and about. Pale from a long winter with no sun.

I saw a movie this week. It was the latest in long-running series called Father of Four. The series has been running since the Fifties. As the kids grow up, they just replace them with new actors. Anyway, in this episode, there was a romance. What struck me watching the movie was that the male romantic lead was visibly shorter than the female lead. In the Danish film, there was no attempt to hide it. They had them walk side by side through a meadow.

I kept thinking. You are a man? Here is how to date Danish women. The man is NOT in charge. He is a not a Frenchman who will pursue you to the ends of the earth.

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Also, Danes don’t date, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable to have to other people’s funny (or heartbreaking) stories and write a blog post about it Pingback: Why I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark and what’s next?

A relatively large proportion of the members are academics. It is however not mandatory to have completed a University dating to use this platform. The sign-up is for free, so why not try it out? Skip to content. Dating in Copenhagen. This man loves from a series I wrote in co-operation with the Danish tabloid BT in , shortly after I arrived in Denmark.

The line mingle2 are my own. When I first came to Copenhagen, people kept asking me what I thought about Danish men. It seemed like a weird man. I soon learned their interest in Danish men was a variation on the famous German saying: Copenhagen spricht uber das, was man nicht hat. There are NOT a lot of men in Copenhagen, although there is quite a bounty of online, timid mingle2.

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The other common way to start seeing Danes are matching them on Tinder or one of these dating apps. So if I move here, I just have to live with casual hook ups and hope it works out? I have international people in my friend circle who knew after a short time of keeping things with a Dane casual that this is something different and ended up in long, committed relationship because they went for it.

These are two different things. But speaking of other countries, how are things there?

We’re living through a time when Danish design, way of life and culture is being exported across the Meet other expats and students living and working in Copenhagen! However, you will have to stay informed after this date. The Post & Tele Museum is Denmark’s national museum of post and telecommunications.

We recommend that you sign up for an interview now, if you wish to start your Danish course as soon as possible. For the latest updates from the school, tips and tricks to develop your Danish as well as info about Denmark and the Danes. Contact us if you have questions or need help finding the right Danish course. You can reach us by phone or apply in person at Valdemarsgade 16, Monday to Thursday 8.

The phrase “I love you” in Danish is popular with Danish learners and might come in handy if you’re dating, flirting with or falling in love with a Dane. Thanks for tuning in to hear the 1 hit on the unofficial and imaginary Things beginning Danish students ask list! And, in more cases than not, a beloved Danish person is a big part of the equation. If so, wielding your Danish words wisely just might add more amore to your day.

Sometimes, no matter the language, expressing your love is no easy thing. And other times, the words spill out effortlessly all by themselves. If you want to really, really mean it, you can use the sentences below.

How to date a Dane in springtime

Designed and co-created by year old entrepreneur Daniel Deloya, the new app Teazr, just released on App store, is a mash-up between Tinder and Snapchat and aims to make matching and setting the first date faster and more honest. First, like with Tinder, users see a limited profile of the other person and decide whether it attracts them or not. Once matched, they send a selfie to one another, which will be visible on screen for seven seconds.

After seeing the selfie, they need to decide whether they want to proceed and start messaging or cut it off at that stage. And just a week in, Teazr is already off to a hot start with 4, users, nearly 4, matches and close to 15, messages sent. The selfie is supposed to serve as an icebreaker and solve the Tinder problem of making lot of matches that never lead to a conversation, since nobody dares to make the first move.

5 Danish boutique hotels to keep an eye on. Posted on 23/09/ 15/10/ by Regitse Rosenvinge. We’ve been in Italy and Germany and now it’s time to.

Denmark is one of the oldest states in Europe and the oldest kingdom in the world. The Queen is very popular among Danes and visitors alike. During major royal festivals thousands of people gather in the square in front of Amalienborg Castle to wave flags and cheer for the Queen and her family. The Danish language belongs to the northern branch of the Germanic language group, and bears a strong resemblance to other Scandinavian tongues.

Denmark’s place in European history essentially began with the Viking Age, around AD, when the Danes became notorious for plundering churches and monasteries. By the Danes had conquered northern and eastern England, and by the 11th century King Canute ruled over a vast kingdom that included present-day Denmark, England, Norway, southern Sweden, and parts of Finland.

Christianity was introduced to Denmark in and became widespread during Canute’s reign.

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